Microbial Bioengineering Laboratory

Research group of Pavel Dvořák (Section of Microbiology, Department of Experimental Biology)

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Our current research areas

Engineering bacterial metabolism


Designer catalytic scaffolds on bacterial surfaces                                                     


Synthetic bacterial consortia                                          


About the laboratory

We engineer bacteria and their metabolic pathways for biotechnology and educate new generations of microbiologists/bioengineers at Masaryk University. Our long-term ambition is to link microbiology with molecular biology, biochemistry, and bioinformatics, and work on interdisciplinary projects that contribute to the basic knowledge of studied systems but also have significant application potential.

The main research topic of the laboratory is biodegradation, utilization, and biotechnological valorization of organic polymeric waste compounds, such as lignocellulosic residues or synthetic plastics, using engineered microorganisms. The safe robust strains of mesophilic or thermophilic bacteria such as Escherichia coliPseudomonas putida, or Schlegelella thermodepolymerans are used as host organisms for harsh biocatalytic tasks.

For the purpose of more efficient utilization and valorization of carbohydrates from plant biomass or easier degradation of recalcitrant polymers, we modify bacteria and their biochemical pathways by modern methods of synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, and protein engineering. We also apply synthetic biology tools for the preparation of artificial bacterial consortia, which should perform the desired functions with higher efficiency and in a longer term than individual recombinant microorganisms.

Our mission

We want to foster the scientific curiosity and societal responsibility of our students, stimulate better public awareness of microbial biotechnologies and their role in the knowledge-based bioeconomy, and perform excellent innovative research that will contribute to the sustainable development of our society.

Courses for students

The laboratory delivers a course and practical classes in Special Methods for Analysis of Microorganisms (Bi6721 and Bi6721c) and a course Introduction to the Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology of Microorganisms (Bi7034) for undergraduate students.


Pavel Dvořák, Ph.D.
Head of the laboratory

E-mail: pdvorak@sci.muni.cz
Phone:  +420 549 49 3396


We have been supported by

Pavel is a proud holder of the Masaryk Award in Science and Humanities (MASH Junior) by the Grant Agency of Masaryk University (GAMU)

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